Extraordinary People Shaping Tomorrow Together

For every member of our team, each day is an opportunity to complete interesting and impactful projects. To work on projects that make the world safer, improve infrastructure, connect and strengthen communities, and protect the environment. Dedicated to our values in safety, quality, and ethics, we are on a mission to deliver excellence to our customers, and advance the careers of our greatest virtue —you.

Project Construction and Maintenance Team

If you would like to become part of our team, please feel free to apply for a position through many job opportunities promoted on employment websites. Also, please feel free to submit your information directly by completing the information below.

Emergency / Storm Response Team

Being part of our Emergency Response Team, is to become a member of a nationwide community of people that are dedicated to each other, and the communities they are helping during times of crisis. We work together to restore electricity and communications to impacted communities safely and with the expedience required to help people.
If you would like to join our Emergency Response Team please complete the form below.