Specialty Services

Specialize service sets and expertise to streamline operations and project delivery.

Atkins specialty services are integrated with our comprehensive project delivery solutions to streamline projects and increase overall efficiency. With a focus on minimizing hand-offs and delays between craft workers and subcontractors, Atkins’ integrated specialty capabilities improve efficiencies and project delivery scheduling, eliminating duplication with a single point of contact and management team.

Transmission Right Away Maintenance

We economically implement any transmission route managagment through various types of terrain or right-of-way limitations. Our expertise includes:

  • Line condition assessments
  • Vegetation management
  • Line and equipment inspection
  • Tower inspection
  • Identifying and rating defects severity
  • Engineering and budgetary packages that address identified issues

Concrete Supply and Solutions

We provide turnkey concete solutions, from underground conduits to structure footings, consistently delivery concrete to specification and on schedule.  Some of our concrete capabilities include:

  • Portable concrete batch plants
  • Volumetric concrete batch plants
  • Cement slurry
  • Precast concrete products

Mechanical Services and Specialty Welding

Atkins provides mechanical service repairs, upgrades, and safety inspections with quality, expertise, and as little downtime as possible. Our expertise includes:

  • ASME code and exotic alloy welding
  • Piping and conduit installation and repair
  • Fabrication of pipe assemblies
  • Equipment field installation and repairs
  • Plant and facility maintenance

Fasteners & Gaskets

Experts in plant and facility leak midigation, we deliver quality materials and products based on our commitment and investment into best-in-class quality systems and experienced staff.  Products supplied include:

  • Fastener products (studs, bolts, and more)
  • Gasket products (metallic, PTFE, and others)
  • Expansion joints (metallic, rubber, fabric)
  • 24-hour emergency services
  • On-site field trailers

Bolting Torque, Tensioning, & Machining

Whether handling a planned or unplanned outage, we ensure our clientle have the best on-site services to ensure leak-free start-up of such critical assemblies such as pipe flanges, turbines, reactors, compressors, and heat exchangers.  Our expertise includes:

  • Leak detection
  • Sling rod analysis
  • Industrial bolting
  • Field machining
  • Removal and installation of coupling bolts
  • Pipe support rod service for thermal cycling