Safety, Health, and Environmental

Our core value and dedicated commitment is to protecting people and the environment.

Health and Safety

Atkins is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace, as well as protecting the environment and communities affected by projects being completed.  Our health and safety objectives are inherent within our work planning and completion.  To facilitate these objectives, Atkins utilizes Environmental, Safety and Health standard requirements that apply to all projects regardless of geographic location, and uses an ES&H Management System to ensure client safety compliance.


Zero Incident Philosophy

We have adopted a Zero Incident philosophy, meaning that all potential work-related incidents are considered preventable.  All employees are granted Stop Work Authority as part of that strategy, and we encourage early employee involvement during planning and work execution.


Environmental & Cultural

The protection of natural resources and cultural resources are essential for stakeholders, and can be diverse depending on location and regulatory requirements.  Fully addressed in the project’s Environmental Management Plan as well as supplemental environmental plan, and reinforced with training, we ensure compliance with all governing environmental laws, regulations, permits, and client objectives. 

Other environmental concerns that Atkins addresses include; minimizing carbon emissions and energy use, hazardous waste management, methods to achieve waste minimization through recycling/reuse and material selection, spill prevention, and other mitigation measures.  At Atkins we believe that we are responsible to other human beings, including future generations, and that the natural environment and culture of others must be respected and protected.



Atkins has a longstanding reputation for quality; we pride ourselves on the quality of our delivered projects and on our personnel. Quality is a differentiator for us.

As part of our attention to quality, all equipment and material are evaluated before, during and after each scope of work.  Quality performance is globally monitored and analyzed, as we strive to enhance our deliverables through continuous improvement processes and methods.


Community Engagement

One of our central goals is to help customers leave a positive, lasting legacy after construction and during operations. We apply contextual intelligence, and constructive neighborly behavior, to address community interactions in an effort to have them be positive for stakeholders.