Emergency Restoration

Dependable emergency restoration for service area operational continuity

From decades of field experience and expansive resources, Atkins Electric is recognized for providing resources in volumes agreed, completing work scopes efficiently, and safely operating in challenging environments. Whether responding to isolated outages or large-scale multiregional events, we provide streamlined emergency restoration support.

Complete Electric System Emergency Restoration

In all seasonal weather, and non-weather related outages, Atkins is responds with experienced personnel and specialty equipment, to quickly start work and effectively complete scopes of work in challenging suburban, urban, and rural areas. Our expertise includes:

  • Distribution Lines – Overhead and Underground
  • Transmission Lines -Overhead and Underground
  • Service connections
  • Substation repairs
  • Switch yard repairs
  • Cable and cellular infrastructure

Infrastructure Assessment

Our assessment practice is comprised of seasoned assessors with decades of field experience. With an astute understanding of our clients’ infrastructure, our assessors operate to rapidly assimilate findings into high paced restoration programs. Assessment capabilities include:

  • Pre-storm assessment and planning
  • Damage assessment
  • Post-event assessment
  • Post-event audits
  • Wire guards
  • Inventory and facility inspection

Equipment for Rapid Response

Standing by and ready, we hold equipment in reserve and placed in logistically optimal locations, ready to respond immediately to the emergency needs of our clients. Atkins equipment includes:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Derrick digger trucks
  • Splicing trucks
  • Tracked equipment
  • Backyard equipment
  • Civil equipment
  • Many other important equipment

Broadband & Telecommunications Emergency Restoration

In the event that a network is damaged or malfunctioning from inclement weather, accidents, we will repadily repspond to get our clients system operating. Our expertise spans:

  • Cellular infastucture repair services
  • Replacing, splicing damaged cables or fiber lines
  • Troubleshooting of Multimode, Single mode, ST, SC, LC, FC, MTRJ, Dark
  • Fusion Splicing Services
  • Aerial Fiber Optic
  • Cabling and Trenching Break
  • Optical inspection and assessment services
  • Plant Maintenance

Clean-Up and Reconstruction

Storm damage caused by powerful natural events leave behind a wake of requirements after the emergency restoration services are concluded. We have the resources to help our clients reestablish the continuity and resilience of their infrastructure. Capabilities include:

  • Resiliency hardening
  • Hardware and debris removal
  • Equipment – mobile warehouses, lighting, etc.
  • Beachfront and berms fortification
  • Construction material supply