Maintenance & Modification

Ensure successful operation of all aspects of assets system wide

For decades Atkins Electric has successfully collaborated with clients to proactively address maintenance and modification requirements to keep their infrastructure operating safely at its optimal performance. Atkins provides our clients with a consolidated, safe, and cost-effective resource to streamline management tasks and achieve tangible bottom-line value.

Electric Utility Maintenance & Modification

Electric Distribution Systems

Atkins provides electric utility maintenance services for all system assets, across all voltage ranges from 500 Volt secondary to 34.5kV. Service highlights include:

  • Overhead and underground line and system new construction, maintenance, and modification.
  • Blue-sky services
  • Energized line work
  • Smart grid installations
  • Resiliency and grid hardening
  • Pole changeouts and inspections
  • Reconductor and distribution line upgrades
  • Transformer equipment, capacitors, and switch changeouts
  • End-sure connections
  • Conversions for overhead and underground services


Electric Transmission Systems

With experience and expertise, we provide turnkey maintenance services for transmission systems. Capability highlights include:

  • Overhead and underground line and system new construction, maintenance, and modification.
  • Transmission right-of-way maintenance
  • Energized line maintenance
  • Optical Ground Wire Inspection and Installation (OPGW)
  • Resiliency solutions
  • Line and tower inspection
  • Tower maintenance, raising, and relocation
  • Tower new construction installations
  • Spread footer installation and caisson foundation


Substation, Switchyards and Generation

Atkins provides electric utility maintenance services for all system assets.  Some service area highlights we provide include.

  • Renewable electricity generation
  • Conventional electricity generation
  • Substation and switchyard new construction, maintenance, and modification.
  • Substation and switchyard commissioning, energizing, and handover.
  • Inspection services
  • SVC, FACTS, and HVDC Substation Construction
  • Line connections
  • Field and modularized construction
  • Control building installation and commissioning

Broadband and Telecommunications Maintenance & Modification

Fiber and Cable Infrastructure

Atkins provides end-to-end maintenance service solutions for fiber and coaxial cable infrastructure.  Our maintenance service highlights include.

  • Fiber cable and coaxial maintenance and modification
  • Overhead and underground services and networks
  • Long-Haul fiber optic capable placement and maintenance
  • Fiber to copper, and fiber to wireless handoff
  • Strand counts from 2 – 48
  • PVC, plenum, riser, armored options
  • Datacenter installations and integration
  • Turnkey conduit system placement
  • Relay Rack & Server Cabinet Installations
  • Copper wire splicing and pulling
  • Circuit switchers and breakers
  • Patch Panel installation
  • PVC, plenum, riser, armored options


Cellular and Wireless Infrastructure

Atkins provides industry leading cellular and wireless system maintenance.  Service capability highlights include:

  • Maintenance, modification, and new installations
  • Cell tower maintenance and modification
  • Cell tower co-locates
  • Fiber to wireless handoff
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Indoor cellular enhancements
  • Raio Site Development
  • Commissioning and handover

Lighting Services Maintenance & Modification

Atkins repairs, maintains, installs, upgrades and retrofits streetlights, stop lights, as well as powered signage. Supporting clients at every stage, we help our clients operate safe and secure lighting systems for their customers and communities. Capabilities include:

  • Lighting relamp and retrofits
  • Removal and replacement of light structures
  • Installation of communication fixtures
  • Installation of security fixtures
  • Modernization
  • Inspection and auditing
  • Lighting design
  • Completion of work orders within 3 days for regulatory compliance
  • Emergency restoration and temporary lighting services
  • Secondary and primary voltages where applicable
  • Commercial indoor lighting
  • Inspections

Industrial and Manufacturing

We support our clients with turnkey maintenance services spanning a full range of industrial and manufacturing infrastructure.  Capabilities include:

  • Interior and exterior wiring
  • Three-phase circuits
  • Power distribution
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Panel Installations
  • Transformers and switch gear
  • Lighting systems
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Bus Duct and Conduit
  • Branch Circuit Power Wiring

Commissioning and Startup

Atkins commissioning and startup expertise and programs ensure the mitigation of startup risks, confirm that infrastructural systems are operating as intended, and equipment is operating in manner which extends their useful life.  Our capabilities include: 

  • System commissioning, startup and energizing
  • System performance acceptance
  • Handover management
  • Startup sequencing and trouble shooting.
  • Document controls, coding process logic, and construction data management.
  • Vendor data management and closing management processes

Digital Signage

With end-to-end service solutions we provide maintenance, upgrading, and installation for single, multi-site and global projects.  Working with clients we ensure that digital signage operates as intended and engages your audience.  Service capabilities include:

  • Digital board maintenance and replacements
  • Video wall maintenance and modernization
  • All hardware from displays to media players
  • System performance acceptance and inspection
  • Startup, trouble shooting, and handover
  • Vendor data management