Safety & Security

It may be improbable to eradicate risk, but we can take preventative steps to effectively manage it.

Zero Incident Philosophy

Safety management at Atelos is more than just a phrase, it consists of many people, policies and practices working in tandem to create a foundation to help our organization and our clients save lives and livelihoods.

At Atelos we take security seriously, both in the physical world of job sites and consumer products safety, as well as in the virtual world of information technology security. Ultimately the security and safety of people are paramount to achieving higher organizational performance.

Though we cannot stop threats from existing, we can proactively derisk organizations and safeguard their operations and information. Atelos’s safety and security platform interlocks three primary objectives:

  • Zero-Day Security – We are vigilant to safeguard confidential information for ourselves and our clients. For this, we employ cutting edge application security testing, IoT security testing, and network security testing techniques to mitigate security vulnerabilities.
  • On-Site Zero Incident Safety – We are committed to creating an incident free work environment and consumer product vulnerabilities. Through continuous training, workforce management and quality control management we are able to mitigate safety risks with the goal of zero safety failures.
  • Zero Tolerance – At Atelos, each of our personnel are held to the highest industry standards in worksite safety and information security practices. Because safety and security is part of our culture, and part of the professionalism incumbent upon Atelos personnel, our clients can continue their operations with peace of mind that safety and security is being achieved.

Environmental & Cultural

The protection of natural resources and cultural resources are essential for stakeholders, and can be diverse depending on location and regulatory requirements. Fully addressed in the project’s Environmental Management Plan as well as supplemental environmental plan, and reinforced with training, we ensure compliance with all governing environmental laws, regulations, permits, and client objectives.

Other environmental concerns that Atelos addresses include:

  • Minimizing carbon emissions and energy use
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Methods to achieve waste minimization through recycling/reuse and material selection
  • Spill prevention, and other mitigation measures.


At Atelos we believe that we are responsible to other human beings, including future generations, and that the natural environment and culture of others must be respected and protected.


Atelos has a reputation for quality; we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we deliver, our personnel’s expertise, and meeting our clients’ requirements. Quality is a differentiator for us.

As part of our attention to quality, quality is globally monitored and analyzed, as we strive to enhance our deliverables through continuous improvement processes and methods.