Onsite - On time - Everytime

Recognized for our dedication to our clients and technical expertise, Atelos Subject Matter Experts help our clients save time and money. Specific to Supply Chain Management, we provide several primary services to ensure our clients have the materials they required when they need them.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Atelos Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program is a fully customized material management solution which ensures that our clients have the materials they need to operate their assets at all times. With our VMI Program, working together with experienced Atelos Subject Matter Experts, we will proactively stock, manage, and deliver materials needed to operate their unique assets and asset requirements. Advantages of our VMI Programs include:

  • Mitigating stock-out risks, clients will always have the materials they need when they need them, with the ability to integrate proactive material planning.
  • Reducing costs across their supply chain by spending less time inventory planning, reducing unnecessary orders, alleviating cost associated with reactive rush orders, and capitalizing on economies of scale.
  • Full accountability, our Atelos Integrated Data Management Platform provides full transparency of material inventories earmarked solely for their operations and their associated data.



Onsite Field Trailer Services (FTS / Turnaround Trailers)

Atelos customized field material trailers are fully managed mobile inventory solution, which essentially brings the stock room to your project’s door, enabling important material inventories to be immediately accessible to crafts in the field completing installations. Our FTS is a managed solution designed to ensure that required materials are available at all times. Benefits include:

  • Labor savings stemming from onsite quick material access near work locations, and the elimination of stock outages that can lead to idle labor hours.
  • Mitigated stock outages that reduce overall material costs by eliminating rush deliveries for needed materials.
  • Increased project management visibility and material cost controls



Bin-Stocking Inventory and Replenishment

Atelos can help customers spend less and increase productivity with our fully managed bin-stocking inventory management solutions. Working closely with clients, we institute a custom inventory program from which our customers regularly obtain operational benefits that include:

  • Improving working capital by having Atelos manage the stocking of your inventory requirements locally.
    Increasing operational productivity by making it available at all times and easily accessible
  • Decreased expenditures through efficient category management, vendor consolidation, and reduced freight expenses.
  • Streamlining inventory management with precision bin management technologies

Kitting Packages / Task Kits

Kitting services are services whereby Atelos will customize task kits with materials specific to a task. Working closely with our client’s project teams, to define each task and the associated material needs to complete that task, from which a kit is defined that provides all the materials for that task to be completed in single container or sequenced series of singular task kits.

  • Increased task completion productivity rates
  • Save on labor costs, as the time to find the correct part is minimized, as it is already organized for the task being completed.
  • Kits are fully customized to support our clients’ operations

24-Hour Emergency Services

We are committed to building long-term relationships, and our clients knowing they can depend on us for 24-hour emergency services is part of that commitment. Atelos’ emergency sourcing helps minimize downtime caused by unanticipated shortage of industrial fasteners or gaskets needed immediately.

  • Emergency Services apply to all product categories provided by Atelos.
  • Specialty fasteners and gaskets can be custom fabricated for unique requirements even with an immediate requirement.
  • Applies to small runs that compensate for requirements that would commonly be off-the-shelf items and quantities