Continually improve operations while achieving core financial objectives safely

Energy plays a central role in promoting socioeconomic progress. Technological advancements have created new opportunities to improve the manner in which energy is delivering power to communities worldwide.

Atkins’s provides our clients with streamlined electrical and instrumentation services to ensure our clients’ assets are operating safely, with maximum uptime, and within budgetary goals. From decades of experience providing services to the energy industry, we appreciate the importance of always achieving core objectives. For new construction, maintenance, and emergency response, we work closely with our clients to complete important scopes of work with the highest degree of safety, quality, and productivity.


  • Combined and simple cycle power
  • Rewewable energy
  • Oil & Gas Refining
  • Oil & Gas Midstream Assets
  • Hydrogen
  • LNG Plant
  • Nuclear Power
  • BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)
  • Carbon Capture
  • Mining and advances materials
  • EV Charging infrastructure


Industries Served

Electric Utilities

Economically construct and maintain infrastructure to operate safely and effectively.

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Broadband & Telecommunications

Turnkey expertise to advance communications with infrastructure continuity

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Economically construct, maintain and upgrade crucial infrastructure to safely operate facilities at optimum capacity.

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Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Deliver essential advancements and products, with confidence your infrastructure is operating as desired.

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Continually improve operations while achieving core financial objectives safely.

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Mission Critical and Commercial

Advance operational goals with solutions that enhance organizational value.

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Digital Signage

Operate winning digital signage strategies with infrastructural continuity.

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